A lady in Jane Fisher’s Bible study class in North Carolina brought this snack to a meeting. It’s super-simple. Jane says they were “Sooo good.  Reminds me of the sausage balls folks make.”

I put the recipe below just as the lady sent it to Jane instead of the usual recipe format. As you read it, you can hear this gal talking.

Sausage Spirals

2 cans of original crescent rolls

1  8 oz block of cream cheese

1 lb sausage, breakfast type---I buy the "hot"

Brown and drain the sausage.  Soften the cream cheese and beat it until it is fluffy.  Add the drained sausage to the cream cheese and let the beater run for a minute or so---this evenly distributes the sausage and breaks up any clumps of sausage.

On a piece of wax paper, lay out one can of crescent rolls.  DO NOT separate into triangles.  From each can I make 4 rectangles---understand?  Spread half the cream cheese sausage mixture on the crescent roll rectangles.  From a narrow end, roll up into a tidy little roll.  Wrap each in Saran/Glad wrap and store in the ref.  Do the same with the second can of crescent rolls and the cream cheese sausage mixture.  These cut best when they are cold.  Slice each roll about 1/4 inch thick and place on a greased baking pan or cookie sheet.  Bake according to whatever the crescent roll can instructs.  These are good hot and room temp, but not very good cold.

This yields 8 rolls.  Handy to have in the refrigerator at all times---for company, or I will bake one roll for breakfast.